Radiofréquence In the case the doctor decides that an operation is needed, a quotation is provided to the patient at the end of the consultation, and the fees are divided among hospitalization and surgical procedure.

Hospitalization fees

The social security part comprises:

- The operation room fees
- The practitioners’ fees : surgeon, anesthetist...

For the social security’s recipients, this part is taken over as a third-party payment (without the patient having to pay it in advance).

The mutual insurance’s part only covers the daily fee due to the social security :
18 euros per day usually reimbursed by all insurance companies.

Surgical fees

They are reimbursed by some insurance companies upon presentation of :

- the procedure’s quotation
- the note of paid fees
- the paid social security invoice, which will be provided by the Clinic

These fees can be paid directly to the Clinic by the insurance company, without having to be paid in advance by the patient.