Pelvic varicosities

Pelvic varicosities are caused by blood hyperpressure in the area of ovarian or uterine veins.

Soin des jambesUnlike other veins, pelvic veins have no valves, hence no back flow prevention system. However, they are equipped with distinct receptors that act depending on stress and hormones.

The pelvic region – which comprises the entire small pelvis - is much subject to hormonal and environmental variations, causing sometimes an increase of pressure within the pelvic veins.

Pelvic varicosities may sometimes cause spontaneous pains, either during periods or sexual intercourse.

Vulval and perineal varicosities must be searched especially in case of varicose veins’ recurrence after a sclerosis or a surgical procedure.

Pelvic varicosities and pregnancy

Pelvic varicosities mostly appear during a second pregnancy. They rarely do during the first one.

Varices pelviennes et grossesse

Generally, they occur around the 5th month. Indeed, during pregnancy, veins get dilated naturally and the blood flow is important. Hence, the pressure increases around the pelvic veins and varicosities may form.

Pelvic veins that appeared during pregnancy often disappear 1 to 3 month after delivery.

The treatment of pelvic varicosities

After a Doppler Ultrasound mapping diagnosis, the foam-sclerotherapy is very efficient.

The ovarian vein’s embolization is a radiological procedure that can be performed under local anesthetic.

At a second step, the ambulatory phlebectomy, which is performed under local anesthetic and in a surgical setting, allows to aesthetically complete the treatment.